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Triways is an integrated provider that can handle all aspects of your warehouse and fulfillment needs. We also have our own private fleet of trucks for your shipping needs such as FIFO. Everything is provided under one roof, such as domestic and international shipping, pick and pack, lot control, bar coding, real time inventory management system and automated systems (ASN, EDI, etc.)…


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    Award Winning Quality Certifications for Various Products Unmatched Service Since 1978


    Triways makes warehousing and shipping easy because we offer everything that you need under one roof.

    Triways has over 300,000 square feet of flexible storage space available in the popular southern California market.

    Low Pricing to Meet Your Budget -Everything You Need Under One Roof-Best Price for Quality

    Frequently asked questions

    Below are some frequently asked questions. For the full list visit our

    How Do I Choose Between So Many Warehouse Companies?

    Southern California is an enormous market for logistics services. Not only is there a large population base, but there’s also a significant amount of incoming freight from overseas into nearby ports. And as you could imagine, there are a large number of warehouses in the greater Los Angeles area. So how do you choose with warehouse is the right partner for your business? The simple truth is that most warehouses make too many mistakes. And the companies that do a good job offer pricing that is usually too expensive for your budget. This is what sets Triways apart from the rest. Not only do we operate at the highest of levels in terms of quality, accurate, on-time shipments, but we also offer warehousing and shipping rates that are second to none. And on top of all of this, Triways is an integrated carrier, offer all of the services you need under one roof. We own a fleet of trucks, so we can control the service and costs.

    Is Your Network is Fully Secured?

    Triways takes Pride in having a highly Secured Network monitored and constantly updated by our Own Information and Technology Department. Our infrastructure is backed by some of the greatest names in technology such as DELL CISCO MITEL MOTOROLA and RICOH. Our vision is to be in sync with the ever-growing demands of technology in our business thus providing first class service to our clients.

    How Does Your Ecommerce System Work?

    We use the latest in technology to receive and process orders. Orders may be placed by you or your clients via our Web Portal or automatically transacted and transformed by our WMS. Automating the data entry enables us to process orders faster and provide accurate inventory deductions up to date by the second. Pickers move product from racks to docks using RF units. Weights are populated by our system and added to all BOL’s including Seal and Trailer numbers.

    What to Look for in a Pick and Pack Company?

    You’d think that any 3PL service company could ship your goods for you without any problem. However, that’s simply not true. It’s not uncommon for a typical warehouse to make many mistakes, ultimately leading to dissatisfied customers and potential lost sales. Fortunately, there are some good companies out there like Triways. So what should you look for in a quality company to use as an outsourced partner?

    We are more than happy to talk with you over the phone about any questions you may have. We love sharing our knowledge and first hand experience with curious business owners looking for the best possible solution.

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    Triways is a full scale 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider based out of the popular southern California market. In addition to operating its own fleet for transportation integration and cost savings, the company is focused on warehousing services, e-commerce fulfillment, and pick and pack services.

    Triways always places the customer at the forefront, striving to perform at an unsurpassed level within the 3PL industry.

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